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Your Mapping Facilitators

When you come for your session, you meet with Mapping Facilitators -

guides who prompt you throughout the four-step interactive process.

We thank you for trusting this method and look forward to meeting you.

How Mapping Works

Plot Your Course

Life Compass Statements

Create a personal life-guiding statement that directs the next steps for living your most meaningful life


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Meet with Heart-Song guides for informal interactive conversation that prompts your Life Compass Statement.


Use your personal statement as a Compass for living the way you want to be remembered.

Already have a Life Compass Statement?

Check out your next steps.

Creating a Life Compass Statement is a good place to start.

You may choose your next action step to be one of the following options:

Team Mapping

Bring your team to maximize impact by creating a guiding statement for your group or organization.

Idea Mapping

Create an interactive next-step plan for your particular idea or dream. Explore bringing your "someday" into your everyday.

Life Mapping

Create an interactive next-step plan to implement your Life Compass Statement within your everyday life.

Marriage Compass Statement

As an engaged or married couple, create a guiding statement for your marriage.

Family Compass Statement

With your family, create a guiding statement for the day-to-day and long-term journey. 

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