People often feel unfulfilled.

With Heart-Song’s guidance, set the direction for living life as you want to be remembered.


As an artist, Heart-Song has helped me embrace my true gift. Writing my Life Compass Statement has helped me move in my life with such clarity, direction and purpose. They have provided me with a safe space to channel my ideas. I wouldn't be where I am and who I am today without this organization. Thank you, I am eternally grateful.

~Kailee Rue

We are very grateful to Heart-Song for their vision and organization. My mapping sessions with them were incredibly helpful when I was going through a transitional stage in my life. Even more so, we are humbled to be the recipients of their first Dare to Dream Dollars. We used these awarded funds to create a podcast. The goal is to reach people who are facing a difficult diagnosis, a loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream or a change in plans they didn’t expect. Our podcast is a discussion of our shared experience of loss and heartache, how we have walked through it and how we continue to do so. Thank you, Heart-Song.

~Katie & Sam Gascho

Sometimes you just need someone to listen to your wild, “What if?” Sherry and Christin at Heart-Song listened and coached my ideas into a thriving business. Several years ago, I completed my Life Compass Statement and then returned for a couple of Idea Mapping sessions. These meetings gave me a boost of confidence and clarity I needed to move forward. Was it easy? Certainly not. Talking about my ideas felt vulnerable and a little silly, but Sherry and Christin reassured me it would be worth it. To date, my business has offered personal styling services to almost 200 women and girls, celebrating their natural beauty. I have grown and exceeded yearly profits. I can honestly say I love what I do! I am so grateful for Heart-Song. I know they will always be there for support and strategy.

~Tara Frantz


Your mapping session is a facilitated process for you to define how you want to live and be remembered. Please allow 1.5 - 2 hours per mapping session.

Point B is uniquely created resource space to fit what you need. Rooms are available to individuals or groups to meet, renew, create,or plan.



True North

Join with and be inspired by others who have participated at Heart-Song in Life Compass Statement and Mapping creation. Utilize the Point B resources and space, and network as desired.

"I was in one of those times in life where you have no idea what’s going on or what to do. After cultivating a long and successful career and transitioning to management, suddenly the valve was shut off. The subsequent job hunt was frustrating and ultimately soured me on the field as a whole. I wanted to do something completely different. I attended the True North event, and a few individuals brainstormed ideas with me. They asked questions and gave encouragement. Heart-Song helped me give myself permission to go after something I had been toying with for a while."

- Colby Scott

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At Heart-Song's 10th birthday party, the 2022 winners and the 2023 winners join with Christin and Sherry to celebrate!

(Left to right, Christin Woods, Jenna, Emma & Cameron Myers of The Barn Youth Center, and Katie & Sam Gascho of A Time to Tell with Sam & Katie podcast, and Sherry Douglas)

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