People often feel unfulfilled.

With Heart-Song’s guidance, set the direction for living life as you want to be remembered.


Heart-Song played an essential role in my personal transition from working for a radio station full-time to working for myself from my home studio full-time! Their approach and methods for crafting my Life Compass Statement set me on the right path forward…then, now, and in the future!”

~Joe Laber

A Cup of Joe Media

My experience at Heart-Song was one that helped me gain much clarity in my career path and how to use my life calling for the good of my career! It has been a great tool to help steady my mind and concentration on my compass statement. I would recommend Heart-Song to anyone wanting to gain clarity and make sure they are living their life on purpose!

~Carianne Gaines Cheatwood

Laber of Love Board of Directors spent an evening with Sherry and Christin which allowed us to search our hearts and come up with one statement that says everything about what we are trying to accomplish as a team. This very meaningful evening allowed us to work together, become closer, and write a Team Compass Statement that says in words what our hearts are feeling.

~Nicole Laber

Laber of Love Pet Rescue


Your mapping session is a facilitated process for you to define how you want to live and be remembered. Please allow 1.5 – 2 hours per mapping session.

Point B is uniquely created resource space to fit what you need. Rooms are available to individuals or groups to meet, renew, create,or plan.



Family Fun Experience

Bring your entire family to a Family Fun Experience! Enjoy hands-on activities for your family to explore and plan together the intentional life you want to live. Come, and move forward as a family!

“The Family Fun Experience that Heart-Song provides at TCN is a special time for not only our immediate family, but our church family. It provides a time to fellowship, do outreach projects, create family bonding experiences, and just relax. Our favorite activities have been our ‘Up, In and Out” arrow that hangs by our front door and the ‘We Love Birthday Parties” outreach project. We always look forward to the Family Fun Experiences!” – Laura Pellman

True North

Join with and be inspired by others who have participated at Heart-Song in Life Compass Statement and Mapping creation. Utilize the Point B resources and space, and network as desired.

“I was in one of those times in life where you have no idea what’s going on or what to do. After cultivating a long and successful career and transitioning to management, suddenly the valve was shut off. The subsequent job hunt was frustrating and ultimately soured me on the field as a whole. I wanted to do something completely different. I attended the True North event, and a few individuals brainstormed ideas with me. They asked questions and gave encouragement. Heart-Song helped me give myself permission to go after something I had been toying with for a while.”

– Colby Scott

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