Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #79

October 26, 2021

What does the Lord want you to remember about yourself or your relationship with him?

Words to SPARK your Heart-Song from our co-founder Sherry Douglas.

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Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. Recently I had the joy of playing restaurant with my four-year-old granddaughter. Most often I was the customer sitting at her small table and she was the waitress. She looked adorable in her pink waitress uniform including an apron. After we played for a while, she brought her pad of paper and pencil and set them on the table. She looked straight at me and said, “When I grow up, I’m going to change my name to Wanda. How do you spell that?” I wanted to bust out laughing because right then I pictured her snapping her gum with a name tag pinned on that said “Wanda.” She repeated the name Wanda several times drawling it out as I told her the letters and she wrote it on her paper. This moment will forever be stamped in my memory because she brings me such joy!

That experience made me start thinking about name changes. There are a few instances in Scripture when God decides to change his followers’ names. Simon became Peter, Sarai became Sarah & Abram became Abraham. God had his reasons for doing so in each situation.

Many years ago, I learned that my name, Sherry, means “Beloved.” Embracing that meaning as a name has been life-changing for me. I am God’s beloved child. He loves me dearly. The Lord loves you, too. Think for a moment: What would he call you if he changed your name? Faithful, joyful, patient one? What does the Lord want you to remember about yourself or your relationship with him? It may or may not be the meaning of your name, but you can be assured he thinks of you with great love and joy. He is delighted with you!

My granddaughter’s name is Hannah, meaning God’s favor or grace. I pray this over her quite often. And no matter what she decides with a name change, forevermore she has God’s grace. And so do you.

See you next week.

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