Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #67

July 12, 2021

In the Jenkins Gateway and Mayors Plaza an engraved stone for Mayor Pete has a phrase he was known to say frequently, “Think well, speak well, and do well for your community.”

Words to SPARK your Heart-Song from our co-founder Sherry Douglas

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Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. Recently my daughter-in-law, Nicole, gifted me a decorative sign that defines the word “inspire.” The definitions listed are (1): to encourage somebody to greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity (2): to awaken a particular feeling in somebody. In Latin “inspire” means “to breathe into” or “blow into.”

This past week Heart-Song posted a quote that must have awakened a particular feeling in some of you. It says, “To inspire people, don’t show them YOUR super powers. Show them THEIRS.”

That one phrase sums up Heart-Song. We want to inspire you to identify and use your super powers. In our language we say we want you live the essence of who you are. We want you to know who you are at your core.

When a person visits Heart-Song for any of our Mapping sessions, we don’t specifically speak of super powers, but we do engage in a friendly conversation in which we hope you begin to identify and recognize what they are. We encourage everyone to begin their journey with Heart-Song by creating your Life Compass Statement. This statement directs the next steps for living your most meaningful life. During our conversation, we guide you through a simple, but significant process. It culminates in you crafting a statement that serves as your compass. This statement helps keep you aligned with who you want to be and how YOU want to live to be remembered.

We invite you to visit Heart-Song to create your Life Compass Statement. It will serve you well in times of transition, making decisions, and living everyday life. This is a perfect time for graduates to visit. We encourage you to contact us at MyHeartSongInc@gmail.com or by sending us a message on Facebook. Men, women, and teens have let us know that having this personal statement has impacted them substantially.

Let us “breathe into” you. Please know we stand on 1 Corinthians 16:14, “Let all that you do be done in love.” These conversations are held in confidence and in love. When you’re living the essence of who you are, when you’re being who you were created to be, doing all that you do in love becomes a part of how you live life. Together, let’s live out this instruction. This is the Word of the Lord. See you next week.

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