Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #36

November 30, 2020

Words to SPARK your Heart-Song from our co-founder Sherry Douglas.

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Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. Thanksgiving weekend 2020 has passed. You may be grateful to have been with family and friends, you may be sad because your experience was so different this year, or fall somewhere in between.

Our family experience was quite different. Often, we have a houseful of people from various states joining together. Not this year. On Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my husband, Mark shared Psalm 9:1-2 with me, I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.” We made an agreement that these verses encompassed the spirit in which we would approach the Thanksgiving weekend, as different as it would be. Giving thanks is a choice. Saying aloud the wonderful deeds of God is a choice. Rejoicing and singing the praises of the Lord’s name is a choice. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s not. Sometimes you and I may not FEEL like praising him…but let’s do it anyway. And, if you’re beyond sad to depressed, and you can’t seem to bounce back, please share your feelings with someone; ask for support. We don’t have to walk our journeys alone, and in fact, we’re made to walk side-by-side. We’re created to live in community and help one another.

I’m learning when I’m sad, frustrated, angry, or in pain, if I choose to do what these verses say, my spirit lifts, my heart feels lighter, and I feel better – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. It’s not a cure-all, but focusing on the Lord, helps me see beyond myself. When I allow myself to stay in a funk, and again I’m not describing depression, but a negative outlook, not only does it not serve me well, it doesn’t serve those around me well, either. I can’t promise I’ll never have a negative outlook again, as you and I know I will, but I hope these verses remind me to choose wisely and give thanks to the Lord, no matter the circumstances. The verses of Psalm 9 are listed in the comments below. Will you take a moment to read it out loud? This is the Word of the Lord. Live the way you want to be remembered. Thanks for being here. See you next week. 

Psalm 9:1-2

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.

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