Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #24

September 7, 2020

Words to SPARK your Heart-Song from our co-founder Sherry Douglas.

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Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. This past week I watched a Facebook video posted by Dr. Juan Fernandez of Full Life Chiropractic. He stated that research indicates suicides have increased 1000% since the start of the pandemic. This statistic is heartbreaking; it represents people like you and me. Dr. Juan discussed seven truths that he and his wife live by that help them sleep better and be the people God has called them to be. I encourage you to listen to the video to learn the details, but I also encourage you to dig deep within yourself to know the truths by which you want to live. Here are three questions to help you start digging:

~In what or whom do you place your hope? We all need a confident expectation in something or someone. Search your heart, talk with others, pray, and explore Scriptures. Come to a decision and then live like you mean it.

~What character traits do you hope others use to describe you? Is it kindness, loyalty, generosity? There are many life-giving traits. Think about which ones you want used to describe you. Then live that way. 

~What are the most important things you will you hold onto no matter what happens in your life, whether it’s the best or worst thing you’ve ever experienced? Could it be courage, love, perseverance, faith? Whatever it is, live that way. 

Dr. Juan asked viewers to share his video to encourage others who may be emotionally down. It’s posted in the comments below for your convenience. This is an easy thing for us to do to give hope to someone else. A life may be saved. 

In Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah is told, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” The Lord has good things planned for you. You and I can not only tap into that promise, we can share it with others. This is the Word of the Lord. Thanks for being here. See you next week.



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