Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #193

April 15, 2024


Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. For some of us in the US, we experienced either a partial or total eclipse of the sun this past week. I noticed that this one event brought out the art of PLAY for many. Our community offered bands and other fun things in our downtown. Many organizations hosted eclipse parties with food, games, bounce houses, face painting and other fun activities for the whole family. My husband and I watched the eclipse from our backyard. When the totality happened, we could hear cheering and yelling of neighbors we couldn’t see. The eclipse gave us permission to play and have fun! We stopped and smelled the roses!

We won’t have another eclipse for a long time, but we can look for ways to enjoy the moments we do have. We can purposefully leave our phones and other technology at home and take a walk. During the walk we can listen for birds chirping and kids’ laughter, look for beautiful clouds, and enjoy the sunshine on our faces. It’s simple, but can be so impactful.

Sometimes we put more importance on the things that are happening in our lives than what they sincerely warrant. What if we take an inventory of each day and try to put it in perspective of what is truly important – like life and death, faith, relationships and health?

Our society has become very passive in life. We look to our phones for adventure, but it’s the adventures of others and often others we don’t even know. What if we choose to participate in the fun and play, instead of watching others do it? Participation gives us much more of an emotional response than watching.

As you think about how you can PLAY, live the way you want to be remembered!

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