Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #192

April 8, 2024

Rest and Reflection

Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. Rest and reflection allow our minds, bodies, and souls to renew, to have more focus and strength. Last week we discussed Easter Monday as being a day in some parts of the world to give people time for rest and reflection. For those of us in the West, it’s not only Easter Monday we don’t typically do these things, but often many of us especially do not purposefully rest and reflect.

Today I want to offer a few monthly questions that may help you start or continue a journey of reflection. Many find it helpful to use a notebook or journal to record the questions and their responses. Others only want to think through the questions and responses without writing anything. And then there are those who want to discuss the questions with someone they trust. Do what works best for you. These are only a few monthly questions, but I’m sure you can come up with additional ones that are meaningful for you.

~For what am I grateful for right now?

~What are the biggest challenges I have experienced?

~What brought me the most joy?

~How have I positively impacted others?

As you invest time to think about these questions, determine not to rush. Reflection suggests an unhurried consideration. Allow a question to settle in your mind, heart, and gut for a few hours or even days, if necessary. Then move to the next one. For your convenience, you can find the questions in the comments.

If you find this or another video encouraging, I invite you to share it on your feed or with a friend.

Live the way you want to be remembered!

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