Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #181

January 15, 2024

A meaningful life

Hi everyone! I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. If you haven’t yet done it, there is still time to use the MyIntent Word Finder Quiz to select a focus Word for 2024. This Word can assist you in becoming who you want to be and the way you want to live. This fits perfectly with Heart-Song! We focus on who you want to be because that impacts absolutely every area of your life.

A service we offer, creating your Life Compass Statement, is another wonderful way to build the next steps for living your most meaningful life. A meaningful life can happen no matter what you want, or have, to DO. It’s much more about who you want to BE!

We have had hundreds of people create Life Compass Statements. Everyone we check back with tells us that having the statement has kept them focused and moving in the direction to become who they want to be. We have heard amazing stories of people changing jobs, moving to a different location, having the ability to let go of past experiences to focus on new opportunities, becoming more compassionate, being able to see others through a new lens, and many other situations. They are endless simply because each person is so unique. Creating your Life Compass Statement is accomplished simply by having a conversation through a guided process. It’s invigorating and inspirational. Amazing things will happen.

We are scheduling appointments now for January and February. You’re invited to contact us through this page for more information or to schedule your session. We’ll get with you quickly. Live the way you want to be remembered!

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