Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #142

March 20, 2023

Change your circumstances so that life becomes meaningful.

Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. Last week I boiled eggs for a salad. The water was boiling vigorously, but as soon as I removed the pot from the heat source, it stopped. Of course, the water was still extremely hot, but not at the same degree, and it then cooled over a period of time. As I thought about the water and how it responded, it made me think about life.

We have periods of time in our lives that are so stressful, it feels like we’re sitting in the middle of boiling water, getting completely overheated – maybe even burned. Oftentimes, the circumstances are out of our control and we must walk through the experiences until we get to the other side. We can’t always choose to get out of a situation, nor should we every time. Life is full of complications that we truly have to take step-by-step until the heat is turned down by an external force.

However, have you ever peeled a hard-boiled egg and experienced a Sulphur-like smell? Observed the yolk has a greenish tint or become dry and crumbly? Or, the white of the egg has turned rubbery? That’s what happens to hard-boiled eggs that stay in the water too long. We can be like eggs, and end up with our lives showing we’ve been in a situation too long. Our beauty turns to criticisms, greed, fear, pride, or any number of responses that are partly due to staying in a particular situation far too long. Perhaps the job you’re in causes your stomach to be in knots all week because your supervisor is unkind, the place where you volunteer has changed its mission and you no longer enjoy being there, or you’re dating a person that is not what they seemed when you first went out.

Take the leap! Jump out of the boiling water! Change your circumstances so that life becomes meaningful, exciting, and your beauty returns. Live the way you want to be remembered! See you next week.

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