Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #132

December 26, 2022

A new year brings second chances.

Hi everyone! I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. I hope this past Christmas weekend was meaningful for you. Up next, of course, is celebrating New Year’s Eve! And a new year brings second chances.

I started thinking about second chances when the right college football teams won which then catapulted the OSU team into the final four play-offs. The right turn of events allows OSU to play in the Peach Bowl on New Year’s Eve. I’ve heard some people say they deserve that opportunity, while others feel they don’t. As a fan, I appreciate they received a break, but that’s it. I don’t have the needed knowledge to properly debate the decision.

What I do know is that most likely we have all either given or been given second chances. None of us are perfect. At times, we make mistakes and don’t do our best in different areas of our lives. Thankfully, there are people who are willing to give second chances. Hopefully, you and I are two of them.

There are many stories in Scripture that show us God is a God of second-chances. Even better, he’s a God of another chance. And that’s needed because most of us mess up second chances rather quickly. God loves us and does everything he can to draw us to him. If you want to check out a couple people in the Bible that received another chance, read about Jonah in the Old Testament and Peter in the New Testament.

May 2023 be a year in which you give and receive second chances. Live the way you want to be remembered. Happy New Year! Go Bucks!

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