Words to SPARK your Heart-Song – Episode #104

May 2, 2022

Outcome is God's responsibility - obedience is ours

Hi everyone. I’m Sherry Douglas with Heart-Song. When we started dreaming about what Heart-Song could look like, we trusted the Lord to give us what we needed when we needed it. One quote that helped us then and helps us now is, “Outcome is God’s responsibility - obedience is ours.” We may have heard this from Pastor Steven Furtick, but changed it up some to make it our own.

You know how you change through the years – physically of course, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Heart-Song has done the same thing, and we believe that to be healthy. If we’re not changing, whether it’s an organization or an individual, then we’re stagnant. Think about stagnant water. It can smell, is a breeding ground for mosquitos, and it doesn’t move. Life can be like that, too. When we’re stagnant, there isn’t going to be much of a ripple in our lives.

One aspect of Heart-Song we added several years ago is Life Compass Statements. These statements are life-guiding and direct your next steps for living the life you want to live. We encourage you to message us from Facebook or our website to schedule a time to create your personal Life Compass Statement. Some people have told us they were hesitant, and even a little anxious to come because they didn’t have an idea of what their statement could be. When you come for your appointment, you only need to be open and ready to have a conversation. There is nothing to prepare and nothing to be apprehensive about.

So back to the quote we have used at Heart-Song, “Outcome is God’s responsibility – obedience is ours.” We invite you to use this quote as a catalyst when you’re feeling eager to try something new but you’re also feeling hesitant. If you feel compelled to make an appointment with us, the outcome truly is God’s responsibility. You do your part when you contact us to set up a date to get together. 

Heart-Song prompts you to live the way you want to be remembered.

See you next time.

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