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We want to hear your story – your journey of purpose. Tell us what has been consuming your mind and heart and how you are living out that heart song. Share a highlight of your journey or a detour that has motivated you to keep going. We believe that sharing our journeys of purpose spark and encourage one another so we can keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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Submitted Stories

Cainan Sink

After I went to Heart-Song, I felt very excited and happy. The Compass Statement summarizes my goals in life, some of my favorite quotes and verses, and puts them in one short phrase that’s easy to remember. It always pops into my head when I’m trying to make decisions and gives me direction for my life. I’m so glad I went to Heart-Song, and pray that Christin and Sherry will be able to help many more people.

Laura Pellman

The Family Fun Experience that Heart-Song provides at TCN is a special time for not only our immediate family, but our church family. It provides a time to fellowship, do outreach projects, create family bonding experiences, and just relax. Our favorite activities have been our ‘Up, In and Out” arrow that hangs by our front door and the ‘We Love Birthday Parties” outreach project. We always look forward to the Family Fun Experiences!

Pastor Jeff Rollison

What a meaningful time spent in discerning what God has graciously spoken into my life! Christin and Sherry offered encouragement and support in my mapping session. The time invested was well worth it. I would, without reservation, highly recommend making an appointment to create your Compass Statement or to map an idea.