Story of Us

The spark for Heart-Song, Inc. began on a date when Christin’s husband prompted her to dream by asking, “If you could start a non-profit, what would it be?” The conversation led to friends answering the same question. Years of conversation with tea and coffee led to widespread dreaming. Our personal heart songs surfaced, reminding us and refining in us who we are at the core, revealing passions, and awakening dreams.

It was made clear to us that it was our God-given responsibility, our legacy and purpose, to actualize the dream of Heart-Song, Inc. From the beginning, the results have been amazing. As we reached out to others to create a reality of our dream, there has been a rippling effect of others taking steps of realizing theirs. We remain aware of the many people who spark us to keep walking this journey. Thank you.

We invite all to join us on this journey of purpose.