Being Ready

Through the last few years, Tara has been one of Heart-Song’s biggest cheerleaders. Each month we catch up with one another and almost without fail, she tells me of conversations she’s had with others referring them to Heart-Song. Heart-Song guides individuals and groups to define and pursue their passion and purpose. One designated focus we offer is Mapping Sessions, specifically guiding individuals to create their own unique, inspiring Compass Statements. A Compass Statement directs the next steps for living your most meaningful life. For some, this a spiritual act, for others it’s rational direction.

A couple of times, I asked Tara when she wanted to schedule her Compass Statement session, and she had a reply each time, basically stating she wasn’t ready. I reminded her often there was nothing to have “ready,” except an appointment date. I also told her she was able to bring anything she felt was important to her or her life journey, (i.e. a favorite quote or Scripture), but even that was not necessary.

The awesome and inspiring thing about Compass Statements is that you come just being you. Our name, Heart-Song, is not coincidental. We believe each person has a “heart song,” which is described as being the essence of who you are. Through conversation, willingness to think through a few things and trusting the process, you will leave with a guiding statement for living your life. It’s freeing, energizing, and keeps you on track to be the best you.

“Creating a Compass Statement seemed intimidating, so naturally I came up with excuses until my more sensible side said, “you’ve got nothing to loose” – It’s true, I had everything to gain! Now, two months later, I continue to be inspired by my Compass Statement and my experience at  Heart-Song with Sherry and Christin. In the time I spent with them I truly felt celebrated for who I am. They listened, really listened, to my heart and to what God was saying. Together, we formed a Compass Statement that proclaims my unique identity in Christ. I love how these words aren’t based on what I do or don’t do. These words call out God’s best, just the way He makes us. I’m so grateful for this very personal affirmation through my Compass Statement.”

~Tara Frantz

“Owning who I am in Christ, celebrating the gifts of femininity – I live gloriously.”